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Practice Areas

SKM International Chartered Accountants is Leading Business & Financial Consultancy firm in Dubai, UAE. SKM International is an Independent Member Firm of INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL having a global presence in + 67 countries with + 110 offices worldwide.

UAE Audit & Assurance Services

Building trust and solving complex problems for today’s regulatory and innovative environment.

Quality first, purpose always. That’s what drives us today and it’s how we’re bringing the audit into the future. Led by people who have the passion and skills to make a difference. And enhanced by powerful technology. Discover how we’re reimagining the possible for you, and for companies around the world, every day.




Only registered and approved liquidators in the UAE must be appointment to liquidate a company in free zone. All the visas of employees should be canceled and cleared while liquidating a company in free zone. Liquidation letter has to be submitted only to registered and approved auditor for free zones in the UAE.

TAX Consultancy


SKM Chartered Accountants in Dubai is a leading name in tax management and tax consultation working towards excellence. We showcase knowledge & objectivity – instrumenting UAE tax laws and acquainted about the frequent variations in the tax implementations in UAE.


Feasibility Study

The most important step of any new project regardless of its size, is the one you take even before you begin. In today’s business environment, feasibility studies are strategic documents prepared and executed by managers who focus on the best resource allocations and aim at consistently delivering projects on target.

Business Set up


SKM International provide a wide range of business setup services in Dubai and UAE for startups, medium enterprises and large business concerns.

We offer business setup services related to Mainland, Free zone and Offshore business set up right from the very basics to Licensing, License renewal and a lot more.

Internal Audits

In an evolving business environment, it is not only important for organisations to stay up to date with the changes, but also to stay a step ahead. As the financial markets and global business landscape changes SKM International internal approach to audit quality focuses on the following key external factors:

  • Business and regulatory environments in which we and our clients operate

  • Accounting and reporting complexities

  • Oversight of those charged with governance

  • Expectations of investors and other stakeholders

  • Market competition

  • Innovation and sustainability need that support capital market


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